Sunday, May 2, 2010

Impromptu presentation

For applicants that have been invited to an interview, congratulations!

The impromptu presentation can be a cause for concern for some of you since it is going to be a "surprise". I must say you need not be anxious, because I do not think they are looking for the content within your presentation. Well it has to at least be logical! I do not know if they keep the topics consistent, but I can tell you this. If you can tackle the case study given to you (and you probably can, since it's a required part of the interview), you will have no problems with the impromptu presentation!

I recommended Case in point in an earlier post if you really want to feel prepared for this section. It will help by giving a structure for tackling the presentation topic. With that said though, the book felt like an over kill to me. Again, I do not think the content matter as much as how you deliver your presentation.

I leave you with three thoughts:

1. Be confident
2. Be logical
3. Be concise


  1. Hi Howie,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. Is it possible to have chat with you over email/gtalk/skype?
    My meial address is
    I have few questions regarding the interview.

    Thanks & Regards

  2. Vik! What questions do you have?

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  4. Impromptu Presentation:-
    1) Do you do role play ? For example you are CEO of a company and present a business plan to investors(applicants and directors)
    2)Do you suggest reading some current topic s for it?

    Case Study
    1)Do you speak your response to the case study and then it goes to working in the groups?

    Did you chance to meet with Alumni?



  5. Presentation
    1. Basically it was a presentation to everyone. I think some of us did roleplay. I dont think it was required, but each session may be a little different
    2. No. I don't think you can really prepare much for an impromptu topic
    Case study
    1. It will depend on the professor. Basically they will take you through what going through a case is like at IMD

    We met with current students and not alumni during the lunch break.

    Just be yourself Vik and you will do fine!

  6. Hi Howie

    I habe been invited to an interview ay IMD; I live to Tanzania next week and then I will fly to Lausanne directly for the interview, so I don't have too much time to prepare. How can I prepare for it and especially for the inpromptu presentation?

  7. Sorry for the late reply! How did it go?