Friday, October 29, 2010

IMD MBA is going to start... today?

This week, pre-work has been posted in the IMD MBA 2011 portal. The classes that will require some work to be done before January are:

1. Leadership - a book and some articles to read and a personal and professional narrative (PPIN) to write.
2. Finance - two chapters of a finance book to digest
3. Entrepreneurship - a book to read and an assignment to prepare
4. Global political economy - a book to read

So here it is, a couple of books to start reading, some questions to prepare, and an essay to write. Clearly, as my work winds down (9 days left!), my MBA program will start to ramp up. Although I would have liked some real down time before school begins, I'm starting to enjoy this self paced learning and eager to open my mind and soak up all there is to absorb and experience all that I can in this once in a lifetime opportunity...

Cheers! We're off to Peru tomorrow, catch you all when we get back!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pleasant surprise, great company!

Last Friday, my wife and I met with a future classmate right here in Minneapolis! It turns out that in order to meet up in the Twin Cities, we had to both be planning a life changing trip to Lausanne, Switzerland. We also found out that they lived within minutes from us. We were anxious to meet them and wondered if they would be good company. We were optimistic and this was yet another step that moved us closer psychologically to Lausanne. It was great fun! We chatted about our interview process, other future classmates, plans and our hopes for next year. It was a fun double date and it helps to have a familiar face when we jump-in in January. I'm becoming more confident that my classmates will be great and our intereactions will form lifelong bonds. 14 working days to go!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Count down

I've begun to count down the work days... 17 days! It's slowly started to sink in that we will be in Lausanne in about 2 months. In the mean time, we are still scambling to get the visas, our finance in order and insurance for next year! By constantly checking the school portal and chatting with future classmates, I feel like I'm somewhat in control and that I have not slipped up on any major dates.

On another note, we are considering getting a pair of Kindles so that we will not have to haul books all around the world. We are considering the WIFI only, and it seems reasonable that we download books only in hotspots. Anyone has Kindles out there? I would love to hear some thoughts and reviews!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My first article

"Finding the right match in B-School" by Howie Chan

I found it really hard to actually find this article. The MBA Journal section does not really link to the new articles! Perhaps, they are still trying to revamp the MBA Journal page. I stumbled upon my own article while surfing the web. Enjoy the article nevetheless!

Monday, October 11, 2010

IMD Contest

Do you want a fully paid trip to IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland to take part in the Orchestrating Winning Performance Conference and an iPad? Take part in this easy contest for a chance to win any of 9 prizes!

Click "Here" for the video that explains the contest.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back in town

Back in the cities and the first article on BusinessWeek is out! The trip out west was fantastic, we drove west from Minnesota through South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, then south through Utah, Arizona and then back east through Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa. The road trip covered 9 states, 6 National parks and we probably collected over a thousand bugs on the windshield.

Badlands - South Dakota

Yellowstone - Wyoming

Grand Tetons - Wyoming

Grand Canyon - Arizona

Zion - Utah

 Arches - Utah