Sunday, April 25, 2010


The strength of having an IMD brand is already starting to show. I've contacted several current students and alumni, asking for advice and help with the move. The response and advice were great! They were helpful, candid, down to earth, everything a good friend can be, and yet, I've not even met most of them!

I've received a certificate of admittance and am looking forward to accessing the IMD student portal in June. That is when we will be able to pick apartments, start the visa process and figure out other logistics to the big move.

On another note, I know the second round applicants will be getting the call pretty soon this week. Stay positive! Good luck and hang in there!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Reality is still fuzzy

Made the 15,000 CHF payment! It was a big step, but I have officially reserved a seat in the 2011 IMD program. It's still too early to get the warm fuzzies and understand the impact of this decision. I must say, it has not yet hit me that we are actually picking up and moving to Switzerland. I joined an IMD 2011 facebook page, but right now there are only 3 of us in it. I guess it is a little early and we have not gained access into the IMD web portal, where I hear are tons of goodies and information on moving to Lausanne. I've heard that one of the benefits of getting in early is the best choice of apartments... I want to pick my apartment! 5 min walk to IMD, fireplace, fully furnished, wood floors, a view of the lake, a grocery store on the 1st floor, charming neighbors...

I guess once we actually start to complete tasks that move us closer to being ready for the move, I will start to feel excited again. =)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Planning the move

Now comes the bombardment of activities that will lead to the eventual move to Lausanne. Visas, loans, housing, selling our cars, our condo... the list goes on! I think I am the one that is now scouring for tips and "How-Tos". Once I go through these items, I will be able to post some helpful hints!