Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MBA journal writer - On a stick?

It IS in my stars to write for Bloomberg BusinessWeek for 2011! I am honored and excited to share my experiences at IMD. I believe the last representative for IMD on BusinessWeek was for the class of 2006, it's time to give another boost to the IMD brand. Well... I will try anyway.

So immediately after I received an email from Francesca this morning about the news, I sent a text to my wife about it. The return text was a "Sweet!" and a row of corn layed neatly next to each other. No, it's not an inside joke between us, she is spending the day at the great Minnesota State Fair and secretly giving my subconscious a craving for some beautifully roasted sweet corn. The state fair has been a tradition for many minnesotans and in my view, all about food, on a stick!

I'm going this evening and I ate a salad for lunch. Bring It On!!!


  1. Hi Howie,
    I am a journalist from The Straits Times in Singapore and am currently working on an article on more Asians heading to European business schools. Read your blog on why IMD and I am wondering if I can use your comments. I am working on a tight deadline. Is it possible for me to talk to you online today? Maybe through email or google chat? I can be reached at sandra@sph.com.sg. Thanks, Sandra Davie

  2. Hi Howie,

    I've been following your blog for sometime and it helped me tremendously in my journey to B-school. I start at Bocconi, Milan this October and since I am a journalist I was hoping to write for BusinessWeek MBA Journal as well. However, I can't seem to find Francesca's email. It leads me to an error report every time I click on it and I am losing out on time meanwhile. I remembered your post on this and now I am hoping that you can perhaps help me with this. Would be very grateful if you can. You can reach me at kamayanisingh@gmail.com Thanks and keep writing :)