Monday, July 16, 2012

GEM #7

Made to Stick is an insightful read and offers up simple rules to follow when you want an idea to "stick" with your audience. As someone that pays attention to getting the most out of presentations, I strongly advocate the ideas that follow. Use it in a presentation, use it when you want to make a sale, hell, use it whenever you wish to! Perhaps you will spread a viral idea in your next party...

GEM #7 - Made to Stick
The 6 rules of sticky messages:

1. Simple
Find the core of your message and share it

2. Unexpected
Surprise the audience by breaking a pattern and hold their attention by creating a mystery

3. Concreteness
Make any abstraction concrete and real, provide a context and involve people into the story

4. Credible
Help people believe through real demonstrations. Use examples that far exceeds the bar of your audience "if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere".

5. Emotional
Make people care by catering to that one person. Appeal to the self interest and identity of your audience.

6. Stories
There are 3 key plots: challenge, connection, creativity

Made to stick is for anyone who cares whether their messages will be remembered... YOU DO!