Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Businessweek blog writer?

Is it in my stars to write for businessweek? It may be so! It turns out that I may have the opportunity to write about my experience at IMD in the MBA Journals section of businessweek's online business school coverage.

I have to submit some writing samples to IMD marketing and if I am picked, I will submit them to businessweek with IMD's blessing. This should be fun, it will help me get back into planning mode. My activities to get ready for Lausanne come in waves as my wife and I start to de-clutter the home, plan trips and sell used items on eBay. These are interspersed with daily mundane activities and work. It's definitely hard to keep the excitement level at a high, but it's little things like these that puts a smile on my face: a new and exciting adventure awaits... cheers!

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