Sunday, October 16, 2011

Calm in uncertainty

It is down to the last 2 weeks of ICPs and we will then start the last stretch of electives. At this point, offers have been starting to come in for some and for most, it's still a wait and see game. To help ease the ups and downs, Alison and I have been taking advantage of the weekends and also making plans to spend christmas in the Twin Cities!

Eze - Cote Azure
I have also launched the IMD movie trailer this week and anticipating the full launch sometime in November! This is a project that started in the first half of the year and have continued through the holidays and into the ICPs. A couple of scenes left to film, but it will be a hit for sure... since most of the students are part of the cast... cheers!

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  1. Hi Howie, I just finished reading your whole blog from front to end. It's quite an inspirational journal. I'm not sure if you remember but we connected a couple of years ago while you were still working at Medtronic though Brian Yeh. Back then I wanted to talk to you about opportunities in Medtronic China. I have similar aspirations as yourself and would love to get in touch with you again. Can you please send me your contact info to me at Would love to hear from you but I know you are very busy so no worries.

    Best Regards,
    Sam Hsu