Monday, May 17, 2010

GEM #2

To be a successful leader and visionary, it is extremely important to communicate with impact. What does that mean? Do we have to leave them wanting more? Do we have to entertain and wow our audiences? Do we have to come across as passionate and very clear on where we are going? I believe it's all of these and more. The way to lead that will help your organization understand the why and the purpose of their existence is to communicate in a way that inspires and conveys the purpose/vision with a bang. This easy to read book gives many examples of strong communicators and the secrets of their success. I definitely used these to my advantage as part of my interview, but more importantly it adds to my arsenal when delivering business presentations

GEM #2: 10 simple secrets of the world's greatest business communicators

My top 3 ideas from the book
1. Leverage your tone, speed up, or slow down to bring to life your words and its meaning
2. Speak with high energy and passion as people naturally gravitates towards those who are passionate
3. Start and end your presentation strong, it's the ending that is the most memorable

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