Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Technical Presentations #1 - Style

Before you even start thinking about audiences, I think the first step is understanding what kind of a presenter you are and what kind of a presenter you want to be.

It might feel like you want to give a keynote like Steve Jobs, or rouse the audience with a voice and cadence like Dr. King, but what is important is to fit your own style. We hear about being authentic all the time but what it boils down to is alignment. Alignment between your style, your message and your delivery.

What is your style?
Are you a extroverted story teller?
Do you use your hands?
Are you animated?
Are you a thoughtful presenter?
Are you more calming?
Are you a matter of fact kind of person?

Try to put down a sentence or two about your style. Ask your friends or co-workers to describe your presentation or communication style. Note if there are differences between professional and personal "story telling".

Know what kind of a presenter you are today and work to be yourself, but better.

Next up, bridging between who you are today and where you want to be.

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