Saturday, February 2, 2013

Technical Presentations #0

I believe that a technical audience is somewhat different from a general one. The last technical conference I attended reminded me of how visual aids are perceived. If it is accepted that terrible visual aids are the norm, what would a polished one say about you? Did you spend too much time on the presentation and not on the scientific rigor behind it? Does this slick show make you seem like a used car sales man? Would you lose credibility as a scientist if you deliver a presentation like a TED speaker?

I belive there may be some truth in it, but I also believe that there are steps you can take to improve your presentation while maintaining credibility as an honored member of the scientific community. TED speaker crossed with an MD PhD.

I will share some learnings from gurus like Nancy Duarte, Garr Reynolds, Guy Kawasaki and the many classes I've taken from presentation consultants to stage actors.


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