Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yet another integrative exercise

The third exercise involved a full hands-on-deck simulation that involved every aspect of running a manufacturing business. We were given very tight deadlines to make decisions and agree on a winning strategy. I must say that it was more enjoyable than the first integrative exercise, that one still haunts me from time to time...

Two days of simulation and a presentation, we are finally done. Hopefully this is the end of integrative exercises. On another bright note, we will be presenting to a board of venture capitalists this Friday on the value we provided to our startup. On Saturday, we will travel to the clients office in Geneva to show him all that we have done and then attend his party in his new office.

Tomorrow, we are also meeting our International Consulting Project (ICP) Client. I will be working with a firm right here in Switzerland! Things are moving fast as we have also formed our South Africa groups. At the moment, I am in four groups:

1. Study group
2. Startup group
3. ICP group
4. South Africa group

Luckily, only 3/4 groups are running at the moment. All day back to back, double booked meeting days is getting to me!

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