Monday, May 30, 2011

The magic number 3


Remember the video submission to GBSN? We actually won 2nd place! The news article by IMD was actually featured on the homepage for a couple of days, maybe weeks? Nevertheless, this again proves that you will never know what happens when you give gifts (thanks Seth Godin for Linchpin). I never did expect anything to come from it and being in second place, we actually do not receive a prize. Our program director, however was kind enough to sponsor one of us to Mexico city for the conference in June. So guess what, I will be heading to Mexico for the GBSN conference in a few weeks. Thanks again for all that participated!

the creative director at work!

the smile on Alison's face says it all

The MBAT concluded several weeks ago and I must say, the IMD crew was the ones that made the entire event fun. The logistics at HEC was nothing short of disastrous, and not at all family friendly. The meals I heard were really bad and the parties were equally frustrating. IMD should have their own party! It is no wonder that we are a great crew, since we have close to 100% attendance from the entire class, whereas the other schools only send their athletes and they usually just stay in Paris anyway. Alison and I were lucky we rented a car, since on campus transport was limited to buses that did not run on schedule and were prone to getting lost. However, we spent so much money on the trip that if I were to do it over, it would have been much different.

Negatives aside, this trip showed me how united our class has become, and it is a great feeling to feel the sense of camaraderie. This IS unique to IMD, and when we face outside competition, you can be sure we have each other's back. Thanks guys for a fantastic time!

the cheerleaders!

handling the rock

The start-up projects have concluded! It has been a great learning experience. We learned first hand what it means to work in a start-up and to feel his frustrations and struggles. Although I am glad we are done with another milestone of the program, I also feel that after everything we learned about this company, I want it to succeed. Secretly, I wish that I can help them take it to another level.

Raphael serving us some pasta

champagne! (Raphael, Christian, Kamini, Kemi, Veronika, Saskia, Me)

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