Monday, March 7, 2011

Goodbye Economy

Our last economy class... the whirlwind tour of economics has ended, and we are now facing a test to wrap it all up. The last class culminated last Friday, where all 11 groups presented their work. Class lasted 7 hours, but I have never had so much fun in class before. It was filled with wit, charm, intensity, passion, conflict and even alcohol!

Each group presented on the micro and macroeconomics of a country or region and introduced challenges and potential solutions. It was extremely interesting to hear the issues of economic growth and if it is the only solution and how might change come about. In the end, for every single country or region, it came down to changing the mindset of the people, which means it will take years and would require strong leaders. A coincidence that IMD focuses on leadership? Maybe not.

I will miss Prof. Boscheck and I will miss this class. Cheers to economy!

We discussed gender discrimination and this created some tension in class
The India group came with costumes and all!
Prof. Boscheck in all his glory
A beer in class - priceless!

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