Thursday, March 31, 2011

Done with classes!

For now anyway. It has been a while since I wrote, and rightfully so! I've been extremely busy and have been on 8 espressos for the past couple of days. Sleep has dropped to 5 hours a night and being in the front row, it would be pretty obvious if I dozed off.

We finished our class today and start exam preparations tomorrow. We have 4 exams next week and each will take about 4 hours. I'm apprehensive about it, but at the same time, relieved that I will not have to do any group assignment or any cases. On that note, our experience with the first study group is also over. Team MonX will hereby retire and we will get new teams once we reconvene on April 14th.

I am exhausted, but excited to hit the books and do some reading during the day and not at 1am in the morning. Such are the little pleasures in life.

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