Thursday, February 3, 2011

No people, no business

This week has been "different" to say the least. Each group was introduced to a consultant (psychology background) who will be working with us till May. The focus for the past few days was to really dive deep into our group and understand how we feel and interact, both among group members and among other groups. A full day of outdoor exercises and competitions ended in some heavy debriefing and reviewing at night till about 1.20am, then followed by a sharing of learnings the next morning.

Watching our own behavior, sharing very personal thoughts and putting everything on the table made me feel a sense of relief, but also made me feel uncomfortable, especially in the larger group setting. We could all feel the tense atmosphere and the "rawness" in the auditorium. Every group is in different stages of evolution, and we will continue to grow. There were tears and there were intense emotions throughout the day, and I can say it was a truly real learning experience. My senses to emotions were sharpened during the past few days and I promise to continue using them and sharpening them throughout my life. I believe this to be important, as without relationships, not only is there no business, we are also denying the most basic of human needs.

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