Saturday, January 29, 2011

Team Gruyere

As part of the MBA program, we work extensively in groups. Since we will be exercising leadership all our lives in small groups throughout any organization, we put a lot of time in our groups. The great part about IMD MBA group work is that in addition to case discussions and completing assignments, we also study our own behavior in these groups. We use video, group observation techniques and various psychological assessments to really dig deep into who each of us really are and how we can view the world from another person's perspective, at the same time taking note of what our initial reactions were.

This may sound very "touchy feely"... well it is! But it is so important! Effective leaders must understand themselves, both the dark and light side, the conscious and the subconscious. Throughout our short time together, I came to realize the power of active listening and self reflection as well as how better decisions can result from the conflict and differences in the team. Cheers team, our roller coaster ride is just beginning!

Team Gruyere - From left: Ayman, Hannes, Constanza, Elisa, Nicole, Sanjar

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