Saturday, January 15, 2011

Half a week

The first weekend of the program! After a packed couple of days, we finally have a short break to catch up on some sleep, readings, life and some homework. Our Saturday class ended at ~12pm today and after a short group huddle, we left IMD and greeted the sunshine and balmy 43F weather!

So far, the experience has been simply amazing. 
Starting with a team building activity (scavenger hunt) in Lausanne, in which our group spent the longest time running around town (since we love each others company so much!), 90 minutes and 90 people to build an arch (talk about too many cooks in the kitchen! We completed the project nonetheless) and lastly a group homework in the evening and into the night (we left IMD ~12.30am). This was our kickoff to the program.

I loved our classes. Although each class was 4 hours long, I loved the fact that philosophy and history was a strong part of them. (I wrote a post on Leadership on the IMD blog). Here's to a great start and a wonderful experience. Cheers!

Economy Class

Team 4 aka Team "Gruyere" in our study room

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