Monday, March 31, 2014

Fresh Start, New City - 5 things in the first 5 weeks

It's been way too long since I published a post, I am sorry for that. We have been busy moving and settling in to San Francisco.

The first impressions are what counts and what lasts:

  1. Curious conversations: Conversations about tech and start ups are all around us
    • "I don't want to deal with Cisco security..." somewhere in the Potrero Hill area
    • "My second job at a start up involves hydroponics..." shuttle bus in Financial district
  2. Blended, not stirred: The rich, the homeless, the gay, the hippie, the white collar, the blue collar, they all come together roaming the streets, eating, sleeping, shopping, smoking and mostly enjoying the great weather when they can. 
  3. Perfect weather: My idea of perfect weather is cool and sunny. That's what we experience here. A shirt, a light jacket and you are all set, stand still in the sun and you take off your jacket. Roam around in the shade and you can put in on to keep warm. No sweat, no chills, always walking weather
  4. Reservations required: The food scene is fabulous. There is so much great quality food everywhere, that we will probably never go through them all... ever, even if we shortlist them to highly rated places. However, to get into most of these places, you have to have a reservation. And one that is made weeks before, unless you are from Spain, in which a 10.30pm dinner is just fine, or really old, in which a 5pm dinner also works. So we either hunker down and make some reservations or try our luck at places that do not take them in hopes of snagging a seat.
  5. Slopes to kill: San Francisco is renowned for its hills, but only after walking a bike up one do you realize how crazy it is. At some points, the road is so steep, we have found ourselves sliding down, especially if you have slippery shoes! You know what I'm talking about...


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