Monday, January 30, 2012

Transition period

Between graduation and starting my new gig is a time to relax and spend some time with the family. Alison and I were lucky to ham it up with Grandma Millie, our old neighbor Sonja, Uncle Steve, Aunt Ruth and of course Toby and Dorothy. And on the Asia side, we spent time with my niece and nephew, cousins from Ipoh and Kuantan, and my parents.

Our belongings were finally moved from the Roseville residence and on its way to the Netherlands last Friday. We are next! Wish us luck as we will aim to step foot into our new country sometime in February!

At the MIA with Grandma!

Christmas time with the family

At the BOH tea plantation, Cameron Highlands with Mum, Dad and Ipoh crew

Aunty Alison with Nephew Jo Jo

Some relaxing time at NIKOI island (more to come on this!)

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  1. Wow! great! everybody has some desire in his own " personal life". . Really this is great.