Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nespresso & Career Search

The International Consulting Projects (ICPs) are well under way. I am working with Nespresso, which is a 5 min walk west of campus. Pretty sweet huh! Being close has its perks, since we can get together with our client as often as we want and we can meet with pretty much anyone in the building. Don't forget about the endless cups of Nespresso we can enjoy!

We are halfway in and have completed Phase 2 last week. We are gearing up for an exciting Phase 3. It will be intense, but I think it will be great fun. At the same time, we are also in the midst of our job hunt. It will definitely be a trying period as we try to stay true to what we want. The pressure from friends, family and a "deadline" of December 2nd will continue to brew and I think this is where persistence and optimism will play a great part to stay above water.

For me, I know my long term targets and being sure about them gives me a certain calm that everything is going to be alright. A great quote (more of a paraphrase) from an Alum this past week:

"All of you are already one of the best in your field, and you have all been thrown here together to experience something very unique. Your system is continuing to digest the changes and becoming slowly aware of what has changed within you. Take your time and figure out exactly what you want and do not worry, it will work out."

I believe I HAVE changed and I look at the world a little differently than before. My system is still adjusting, I am certain of that. I will continue to reach for what sends a tingle in my spine and excites me, for our lives are very short and I want to spend my time doing what is worth doing.

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