Friday, October 29, 2010

IMD MBA is going to start... today?

This week, pre-work has been posted in the IMD MBA 2011 portal. The classes that will require some work to be done before January are:

1. Leadership - a book and some articles to read and a personal and professional narrative (PPIN) to write.
2. Finance - two chapters of a finance book to digest
3. Entrepreneurship - a book to read and an assignment to prepare
4. Global political economy - a book to read

So here it is, a couple of books to start reading, some questions to prepare, and an essay to write. Clearly, as my work winds down (9 days left!), my MBA program will start to ramp up. Although I would have liked some real down time before school begins, I'm starting to enjoy this self paced learning and eager to open my mind and soak up all there is to absorb and experience all that I can in this once in a lifetime opportunity...

Cheers! We're off to Peru tomorrow, catch you all when we get back!

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