Friday, April 16, 2010

Reality is still fuzzy

Made the 15,000 CHF payment! It was a big step, but I have officially reserved a seat in the 2011 IMD program. It's still too early to get the warm fuzzies and understand the impact of this decision. I must say, it has not yet hit me that we are actually picking up and moving to Switzerland. I joined an IMD 2011 facebook page, but right now there are only 3 of us in it. I guess it is a little early and we have not gained access into the IMD web portal, where I hear are tons of goodies and information on moving to Lausanne. I've heard that one of the benefits of getting in early is the best choice of apartments... I want to pick my apartment! 5 min walk to IMD, fireplace, fully furnished, wood floors, a view of the lake, a grocery store on the 1st floor, charming neighbors...

I guess once we actually start to complete tasks that move us closer to being ready for the move, I will start to feel excited again. =)

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